Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

Cute Witch-Minihat

Hey Cuties :3 

Today I wanne show you how to tinker your own witch-minihat. 

It's very cute to wear it on a halloweenparty. 
 So here is a picture:

What do you need: 
Black fabric (I used felting)
Cardboard from a cornflakes pack or something else
Some accessoires like ribbon, bows, lace etc.

First you have to cut out an circle. Add a triangle at the corner. It should look a bit like Pac-Man ^^
 In the next step add some gluten to the edge. Glue it together.
That is the top of your hat.

Now you will make the rest. 

Cut out an circle again, with another circle in the middle.
Like that:
 Cut the innercicle's edge like that:

Now you can glue the top with the rest together. 
Repeat the two steps with your fabric now and glue it over the board. 

Add the accessoires and some hairslides on the bottom. Done !

Hope you like the little hat ^_^ Try it! It's really simple :3 

(Wow it's very hard to make an english tutorial x.x hope you understood it...)

Love, Loopy

Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

Heart Pillow

Do you know sitting in the train for hours and don't have a little pillow to sleep on it while traveling?
 image image image
Today I will show you my solution of this problem ! 

I sewed a little heart pillow ^_^

Isn't it cute? image
Unfortunately my sewing machine was making some trouble while sewing... 
So I had to work by hand... I've used a very structural and solid fabric. 
I like it when the pillow is a little harder, so you have more grip.
I add a bow made out of very soft fabric for more cuteness :)

My plushies were happy, too ^_^

Hope you like my little travel-pillow. On my next journey it will definitely come with me :3

Love, Loopy ♥


Montag, 7. Januar 2013

Christmas Headdress

Hey my Dears

Like I told you, I want to show you some of my past projects. 
I would like to start with a headdress that I've made for a christmas lolita meet-up.

I wanted to tinker a round headdress like this from Alice and the Pirates:

For the Base I've used a piece of cardboard from an cornflakes pack. 
Here you can see the other materials I've used.

Deco Flowers from Rossmann (drugstore), Mini christmas baubels in gold, Cotton sprayed with hairspray so that the glitter sticks, lace from a old curtain and some other christmas deco stuff :) 
It's all fixed with super gluten by Pattex. 

And yeah, here it is ! 


In the next weeks I want to tinker another one, just in a summery way with flowers.
I also will use better and finer lace. 

Hope you like it image 

Kisses, Loopy ♡

Fimo Jewelry

Hey Cuties ♥ 

 In the last time I tinker a lot of cute rings with "Fimo".
Fimo is a kind of polymer clay that drys by heat in a oven. 

Someday I saw these super cute items by Angelic Pretty *o* 

The jewelry is soo amazing ! .... But very expensive.. :( 
So, I decided to make my own cute rings and stuff.


Aaand ... here it is: 

Yours, Loopy ♡

Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

Tattoo Dress

Hey Guys ! 

Today I drew a new dress. Maybe you know that I really love Tattoos. Yesterday I was very inspired by this pictures: 

I think that Tattoos can be very dressy and elegant, too. It don't must be only sexy or something. 
By the way, that is my Tattoo ^_^

So, I created a Lolita dress with an tattoo print. 

 The roses on the sleeves reminds me a bit of "The Sleeping Beauty" :3 
 All in all it's a rocking and dreamy dress, isn't it? ^_^

I hope I ever will sew this dress.. It will be a bit difficult because of the Prints :/

In the next post I will show you some of my past projects. 

Love, Loopy

Welcome to my dressy World !

Hello my dears image

I proudly introduce you my lovely new page!


It's about my big hobby sewing
 Here I will share my projects, ideas and tinkers. 

I'm interested in all kinds of unique fashion, so I started to build my own fashion styles. I sew a lot of things you can't buy at european shops. 
Fashion from japan is very inspiring to me for example Hime Gyaru, Fairy Kei and of course Lolita Fashion. 
I love cute fashion with lace and frills, but it should be not look like a costume or childrens clothing.

My biggest dream is, to start my own fashionlabel and have a little shop in 
Düsseldorf, Germany or Vienna :3

In the next days I will edit the design of the page. New header, backround and so on ;)

Yeah, thats it for now..

 I hope you will like my Page and my Fashion Ideas image 

With love, Loopy