Montag, 10. Juni 2013

Fabric Market (Holländer Stoffmarkt)

Hey Guys, 

Yesterday I went to the fabricmarket in Dortmund (Holländer Stoffmarkt).
 My friends Yuki, Chi and Thiemo came with me. 

We all looked for Cosplay-fabric. I want to cosplay Shirahoshi (One Piece):

Thiemo will be my Ruffy :3 ! The Cosplays are for the Animagic 2013.

I took some pictures for you at the fabricmarket 
(Sorry, I only took pictures with Instagram 'cause I forgot my camera):

There were soo many different fabrics. Some of them were really cheap ! image
Most of the cottonfabric without print were around 5€ per meter.

I almost found all fabrics I looked for. I get golden/yellow fabric for Shirahoshis bikini bra, a white, transparent fabric for the fin and miniskirt and a pretty cute pink fabric, what I will use for a Lolita highwaist-skirt. Unfortunatly I couldn't find sequin fabric for Shirahoshis finsimage 

After we finished the marked, we were hungry and went to the mall. We treated ourselvs to an ice cream. As always, I chose strawberry flavor *o* 

By the way: the strawberry icecream fits perfectly to Yukis and my outfit:

We made a Milky Berry twinning :3 The weather was very warm, so I don't wore a blouse and petticoat :x But I think it looks like a cute summerdress through. 
After all, I want to show you my gain of fabrics:
The Bra I bought at Primark for only 5€. I will cover up the bra with the yellow fabric. 
In the next post I would like to show you my progress about the cosplays image

Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2013

And the winner iiis.....

Hey Cuties, 

last month I told you that I joyned the Dokomi Fashion Design Contest. 
Read the post *here*
So here is the result: 

image  I'm Second !!! image

I was convinced that the presentation ceremony takes place on saturday... but it was on sunday x_x  
So I couln't get there .____. On saturday they told me that I'm the second winner. I will get my gift via mail :) It's a Dunkelsüß Fanpackage :3 Dunkelsüß is the most popular German Lolita Community. At conventions they sell really beautiful jewelry ! 

I'm so happy about this image !! I will inform you if my parcel has arrived image

Now I want so show you some pictures I took with the winnerdress "Antique Rosé" image
My boyfriend bought a new camera, so yesterday we tryed it out :3 

I hope you like the pictures ^_^ 
I think the camera tooks really good pictures with a high quality. We use the Canon 650D with an 50mm lens.

The photos are hardly edited. Only the colors are a bit stronger. The camera also has a video mode.....

Special Secret: We want to make a Youtube account full of Lolita videos and other funny stuff   image  

Ps: Thanks to Thiemo, for the nice pictures! image


Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Mary Magdalene Perfume Bottle

Hey my Dears :3 

Last Week my new Dress by Mary Magdalene has arrived ! It is one of my absolutly dreamdresses ! 
 I ordered the dress on mbok with the celga shopping service
The shopping service did very well. They replied really fast to my emails and sent the item quickly. 
It tooks about 3 weeks after I got a message from customs. It was the first time I ordered with a shopping service and I'm bound to say that it was really easy :3 

So now here are some pics :

 In the next times I want to do more classic-lolita styles. 
Classic Style has so much beautiful colors and high quality fabric and patterns. 

Unfortunatly I haven't any accessoires matching this dress.. So I have to sew some :3 

Here are some examples for the accessoires I want so make:

 If I would mix all these beautiful accessoires together I would get my dreamheadwear :D image

I can't wait to wear it :3 !