Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2013

Harajukuday // Mens Fashion

Hey guys image,

I'm really sorry about don't blogging that much.. Next week I will write my final exam, so I'm very busy at the moment. But now I want to tell you about my weekend at Harajukuday.
It was really funny and I met some nice people.
One of the people was a very kind guy called Benjamin ^_^
 He also lives in cologne. We met at the harajuku-fashion-style-contest. We both took part in the competition and talked a lot back stage. He wore a grincat shirt in pink and black. It siutes him very well. After a while he told me about his love to lolita and kodona fashion :3 When he visited Japan, he bought many stuff from h.Naoto and Putumayo. I was really jealous :c I wish I could also fly to Japan for shopping.. But I have no money at the moment.. Maybe when I work and earn my own money^^ poor students.. ._. But to come straight to the point: 

I will try to sew a kodona outfit for Benjamin! 

I think there's not much fashion for men. So I want to change that and maybe sell some mens clothes from time to time. It is really to bad. Kodona and Aristicrat Fashion are so pretty ! 
Look at Atelier Boz or Alice and the Pirates
They make such wonderful outfits. I wish I could sew like them.. 

Here are some examples for my soon projects:

But now I have to learn for my exams -.-' 
Next time I will tell you about Dokomi ;3 Well, look forward to the next post pixels flowers photo:  200652691315541.gif