Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013

Floral Plug

Hey Cuties,

Today I want to show my newest project :) 
As if you know I have tunnels, so I can't wear beautiful earrings anymore :C
Last Month I had a pretty idea: Plugs that looks like earrings! 

On the Internet I saw these cute items for craftig:

The material are from:

 All items were quite cheap. I only spend 7,60 ! 

And here is my result:

Isn't it pretty? image I think I'll make some more of these beautiful Plugs!


Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

My Hoodie got Bearears :3

Hey my Dears image

I'm sorry about don't posting that much at the moment. 
I'm very busy... I want to get an university place.. maybe you know how hard that is. 

Anyways.. fortunately last week I had some time to sew ! 
Since two year this cute hoodie hangs in my closet:

 Everytime I saw it I was thinking:"God, it definitely needs some ears !"
 So here it iiisss !!  

Thanks to Miri :3 She gave me the fluffy fabric that I needed. She also have a hoodie without ears. Her Hoddie had pockets, so she takes the fabric from the pockets to made the ears. 

Isn't it kawaii ^.^ ?

Love, Loopy