Samstag, 27. April 2013

Stay tuned !

Hey there ! image

 Look forward with pleasure to my Dokomi-Contest Dress!
Because... it's done !!!
I finished the dress yesterday at 10pm ^_^ 

And here are some tastes what it looks like:

I also found a dress name: Antique Rosé. 
My mom gave me the inspiration for the name. Thank you!pink_rose 
 A few minutes ago, I sended my pictures to the Dokomi-team. I hope I will win :/ 

 But now: Some other news. Maybe you noticed that I added some things to my blog. 
Now you are able to write me a message with the contactform. So if you have any questions about my blog, personally me or just want to say "hello" don't be shy to email me ;) 
The other things I added, you will find on the right at top of the page. There you can see four little icons, that rotates when you click them. These are the links to my other pages: My other Blog (where I post more privat things like a diary), my Facebook page, my Youtube channel (more videos will coming soon) and my Flickr page with many of my photographies. 
The icons are all redesigned by me ^_^

I also intend to make a new header and design for the blog. 
It should be more minimalist and user-friendly :) 

 For that reason: Stay tuned ! 42 


Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

Magical Dots

Hey my sweeties, 

Finally it's springtime and finally I finished my first One Piece Dress with matching Bonnet. 
At Weekend I took a lot of Photos from the Outfit: 

The patterns are all design by me :) The special thing about the dress is the back. I chose a backless design. I think it's a good feature for a summerdress. Often it's very hot in Lolita at summertime, so in this dress you will not sweat anymore. 
But if you don't want to show your back, you can hide it with a bouse ;3 

  Next dress will be postet soon ;D Don't miss it <3 


Montag, 22. April 2013

Frilly Pink Halfbonnet

Hey Cuties,

I thought, it's really hard to make a bonnet that looks good. Bonnets are really expensive, but I really wanted one. So I went to the drapery and bought a strong, pink fabric. 
I hadn't any plan how to sew it.. No patterns or anything x.x  I only had pictures...
So I sewed it as I thought... 

Aaand... Surprise, surprise... I looks really cute :D ! 

I'm really proud of it ^_^
Here are some detail-photos:

Hope you like it, too. See ya ;3!


Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

Dokomi Design Contest

Hey Cuties

Soon it's time for the Dokomi !!! And I'm really excited about it, because of the fashiondesign contest.

All japanese fashion lovers and young designers have to create an complete outfit. First you send your idea and fashion drawing to the dokomi team. After that you put the idea into action !By youself! You have to take photos while working and show the development of your outfit, step by step. 
Finally you present your result on the big stage at the convention, by yourself or a model of your choice. The winners will be granted great prices from the sponsors in the amount of 150€! 

The contest takes place every year, but in 2012 I was to shy for signing up. 
But now I will try it!  
 Unfortunatly I've not much time anymore.. The deadline will be on 28.04.2013.
So I have to hurry ! :D

I want sew a own created lolita dress. It should be more classic and not to overcrowded.
Yesterday I drawed a lot of scribbles and yeah, here is my result:

I'm not that good in drawings, but I hope you can see what I have in mind. 
The name of the dress could be something like "antique pink"...or do you have some other ideas?

Today I bought the fabric. I payed only 40€ at my favorite store "Stoff Müller". The dress will be out of soft cotton.

 Well.. I'm really sorry but I have noooo time !! :D 

Let's get sewing !  


Montag, 15. April 2013

Wristcuffs made with heart

Heyy ! 

If you saw the adorable apron that I made, you also have seen the lace that I used for it.. 
It is such a cute lace, that I made some wristcuffs out of it ! 

Here is a close-up picture of the lace:

I bought 14Yds on eBay for only $14!!! It has a very good quality and looks so nice !
Here is the link *click* Check it out ;3

But now I will going to show you a picture of the wristcuffs:

Have a nice day ;3


Montag, 8. April 2013

Bunny Ring

Hey my Dears, 

Today I want to show you my newest ring. I made it with Fimo. 
 For Sommer I wanted to get some more matching accessories for my Dreamy Dollhouse dress. 

The Dreamy Dollhouse ring by Angelic Pretty looks a bit sad, I think.. 

As you can see here:

 The Bunny looks soo unhappy :c 

For that reason I made this happy Bunny:

Hope you like it image