Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

Dokomi Design Contest

Hey Cuties

Soon it's time for the Dokomi !!! And I'm really excited about it, because of the fashiondesign contest.

All japanese fashion lovers and young designers have to create an complete outfit. First you send your idea and fashion drawing to the dokomi team. After that you put the idea into action !By youself! You have to take photos while working and show the development of your outfit, step by step. 
Finally you present your result on the big stage at the convention, by yourself or a model of your choice. The winners will be granted great prices from the sponsors in the amount of 150€! 

The contest takes place every year, but in 2012 I was to shy for signing up. 
But now I will try it!  
 Unfortunatly I've not much time anymore.. The deadline will be on 28.04.2013.
So I have to hurry ! :D

I want sew a own created lolita dress. It should be more classic and not to overcrowded.
Yesterday I drawed a lot of scribbles and yeah, here is my result:

I'm not that good in drawings, but I hope you can see what I have in mind. 
The name of the dress could be something like "antique pink"...or do you have some other ideas?

Today I bought the fabric. I payed only 40€ at my favorite store "Stoff Müller". The dress will be out of soft cotton.

 Well.. I'm really sorry but I have noooo time !! :D 

Let's get sewing !  


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