About Me

 Hi it's Loopy ! (btw my real name is Giulia ^_^)
 Once I was more activ on this blog but Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube came, so I decided to make this page a little update station for big changes in my fashionbrand. Yes, it's about my own fashionlabel :D
I've started it 2014 with the intense doing more diy-like things and not to sell them in a huge way.. But my products became more and more popular and I made a lot of collections so far (you can see the newest on the "collection tab").
Since Sep.2016 my boyfriend joint the label as an graphicdesigner.
So yeah...whats our label about?
Pastelgoth and creepy stuff are your favorite? - Well Loopy Lovely will be your thing, too! We are a young fashionbrand, which offers from bags to dress and beanies to jewelry everything under the motto "psycho but cute". Of course always handmade and designt by ourselves.

♥ Lives in Cologne, Germany 20 years old
♥ Japan!
In love with Thiemo
♥ Photography♥ Crafting, sewing
♥ Pink♥ Candy
♥ Cute
- See more at: http://loopy-lovely.blogspot.de/#sthash.X5dqxJ43.dpuf