Dienstag, 23. Juli 2013

Inspiring Time on Holidays

The last weeks I went on holidays to Paris and Utrecht. 
In Paris I visited the Japanexpo some Lolitashops and the delicious Ladurée.
In Ultrecht I went to my first Teaparty in a really stunning Location with many pretty girls. 
The time was one of the most inspiring events this year. 
I met many interesting people from around the world :) 

On both events the camera team from NHK World were present, so I look really forward to the next Kawaii International episode :3 

Now I will show you some pictures of the exciting things I saw.
I will begin in Paris:

At the first day we went shopping. Paris offers many fancy shops especially for Lolitas :3
On this pictures you can see the Baby, The Stars Shine Bright shop:

The store is small but super cute ^_^ I have to say that Baby isn't my favorite brand but this shop inspired me a lot, too.

Next up I want to show you the Angelic Pretty Store where we met Asuka and Maki *.* 
Unfortunatly the AP Shop is even smaller than the Baby Shop :( We had to wait until we could enter the shop, because it was very crowded...

I don't know how I could say it, but when I came into the shops there was this special feeling.. The feeling of happiness and perceptiveness. I mean, yeah.. it is only fashion but I feel so understood in this fashion. Everytime I wear Lolita I feel me.. because Lolita and all kawaii, unique stuff is who I am. So in my holidays I always wore Lolita and other kawaii styles and I felt soo good! image
I also want to mention my admiration to Maki and Asuka. The girls have soo much fantasy! I wish I would be so creative like them, thats wonderful ! image

Next I want to report you about some other shops in Paris.
Not far away from the AP Store was a Store called "Manga Toys". It was... just amazing *o*!!

The store was like a museum *o* Sooo many figures !! 
I bougt two for my lovely boyfriend :3 

After that adventure we got hungry and went to Princess Crêpe.
It was sooo delicious and cute *o* !
The two girls, who are the owners of this cute snackbar was really nice and wore pretty maid dresses.

Equally delicious were the macarons of Ladurée :3 

On the next day we went to Japanexpo ^_^
Here are my impressions:

Everywhere were Shirahoshi figures *o* I'm very happy to cosplay her soon :3 
On the expo were many indibrands selling their jewelry ^_^ I bought a hairclip by chocomint. 

We come to the next event:
The teaparty in Utrecht !!! 

I want to start with the amazing guest we met on the teaparty:

Both girls were so nice and chatty.
Miri had a lot of questions to Misako. For example we wondered what she is wearing outside of Lolita. 
She told us that she wear other harajuku brands like Milk. That was really interesting to hear :3 
I also want to bring more Lolita clothes in my everydaylook !

Moreover I was suprised about Misako's personality. 
On the internet she acts kind of ..hm ..maybe too cute? 
I mean, a bit artificially.. 
But when I met her was so.. real and I noticed that she is just a cute girl. Not a girl who only wants to be cute ^_^

At the evening both of the girl gave a little concert :3
Finally the Outfit Contest starts *_* 
There were sooo many beautiful coordinates!

I'm really proud of my friends because they won !!

Miri was the 3rd and Evangeline won the special 4rd price ^^

Here is a picture of the winners outfits:

Yuki and me were twins at this day ^_^ It was a lot of fun to made the outfits accessoires.
I will make a post about the jewelry and the blouse we made together ;D

And finally a special picture we made on sunday at the castles fountain xD