Sonntag, 29. September 2013

Kawaii International - Teaparty

Hey girls <3

Almost 3 month had passed since I went to the teaparty in Utrecht.
Finally yesterday the episode of Kawaii International shows the Kawaii Weekend report :3
 I think the report was a bit too short but hey.. you can see my back for one second xDD!

 Here is the video: 

I hope I can join another teaparty next year :3 It was so much fun !


Sonntag, 22. September 2013

Make new from old

Hey everyone :3 

Since I hate my Melty Chocolate Replica and own the brands one, I had something to do with that crap-dress -.- It feels so annoying everytime I looked in my closet, so I destroyed it !!! >w<
Well... not for real :'D I only made a new piece out of it. 

I'm always searching for garments that are suitably for school or just everyday life.
For that reason, I thought that a skirt with the replica's print would be nice.
And yeah.. I did it :D 
(I don't know why I look so fat on this pic o.o')

Unfortunatly the result is not what I was looking for but yeah.. not everything works. 
Maybe the replica's fabric is the reason why it falls not so smooth :( It's a very sturdier fabric ._.

Anyway... nevertheless I think I could wear it sometimes
 just for shopping or hanging around with friends.


Dienstag, 17. September 2013

New Sites

 Hey my lovely Dears,

I only wanted you to know, that I signed up on a few pages.
Now you can contact me at or see my outfit at!

I think this is a good possibility to show you more of my life and my style ^^ 

So here are the Links: 

My other, German Blog:

Wow! That were a lot of sites :'D 

Finally I want to tell you a little secret...
In the next months me and thiemo will create a youtube channel !!!
We will upload some funny movies, short movies and more. Everything will have to do with Cosplay, Lolita Fashion, Games or just our philosophy of life ^_^

Stay tuned ! 


Mittwoch, 4. September 2013

Replica vs. Brand

Hey Guys image

Today I want to discuss the very annoying topic: 
Brand vs. Replica

In my Lolita beginnings, I bought three Angelic Pretty style replicas... Now two years have passed and I own five brand dresses. Three of them are from Angelic Pretty. The last dress I bought, was the Melty Chocolate Jumperskirt by AP, from which I also own the replica. Since I could compare the two dresses I must say, that brand is much better than the fake dress. I mean, the real dress is around 300€, the replica was 40€... When I was new in Lolita, I thought: "Wow ! A Angelic Pretty looking dress only for 40€ !" But now I know why it was so cheap :-/ I never was really happy with the melty chocolate fake.. And I considered a lot about buying the real one, 'cause I was scared that the brand dress looks and feels similar to the replica. But everything is different ! Better lace, softer fabric, it fits better and is more comfy. All the details are missing at the replica. At the first sign you don't see it, but if you look at it in detail and touch it in reality you will understand what I mean.

The other important thing is: You ruining the business of the brand!
Lolita brands are often very small and the designers have to work very hard.
Lolita brand dresses are very expensive through, but if you want a cheap dress, you better buy from a indiebrand or Bodyline. Indiebrand dresses have even more quality than replicas. 

It's not that I only want to buy the "name" and boast with my brand. (Like some people did with apple products...) It is really about the quality. I also have some nice cheap dresses ;)


 I never thought that I will write about this topic but I had it on my heart when I saw the big difference between my melty chocolate replica and the real melty dress, which I really love! 
That was the dress I ever dreamed of and the replica almost took my joy of it.

What do you think of replicas and brand? Write a comment ;3