Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015

Preparations for Dokomi 2015 - I'm sooo exited!

Tooo much work O_O!

In the last few months I worked a lot for Dokomi on may 23/24
 Dokomi is a big anime & manga convention that takes place at 
Düsseldorf trade fair, Germany. 

I have a stall there and sell my handmade clothes. 
  Furthermore I wrote my finalexams this and last week.
It was not quite simple, so I had to learn a lot. 

learning, sewing,  learning, sewing, eating, and a bit of sleep xD 

That were my last few weeks. 
But it was ok.. I managed a lot of things and 
want to show you some of my results ^.^

I've made a t-shirt collection !
Maybe you already saw it in my fashionshow post, 
but here is the t-shirt I've made:

I sewed it in 4 different colors with diffent collars :) 
Altogether I made 13 pieces.

Moreover I made a little salopette collection ^_^


 In addition to these things I've made some more :) 


For my promotion my boyfriend and I designed new businesscards and flyers:

Wow I made a looot of things in four weeks + exams :D !

I will report about Dokomi next week ;3 
So look forward ♥

I'm sooo exited *o* !