Montag, 10. Juni 2013

Fabric Market (Holländer Stoffmarkt)

Hey Guys, 

Yesterday I went to the fabricmarket in Dortmund (Holländer Stoffmarkt).
 My friends Yuki, Chi and Thiemo came with me. 

We all looked for Cosplay-fabric. I want to cosplay Shirahoshi (One Piece):

Thiemo will be my Ruffy :3 ! The Cosplays are for the Animagic 2013.

I took some pictures for you at the fabricmarket 
(Sorry, I only took pictures with Instagram 'cause I forgot my camera):

There were soo many different fabrics. Some of them were really cheap ! image
Most of the cottonfabric without print were around 5€ per meter.

I almost found all fabrics I looked for. I get golden/yellow fabric for Shirahoshis bikini bra, a white, transparent fabric for the fin and miniskirt and a pretty cute pink fabric, what I will use for a Lolita highwaist-skirt. Unfortunatly I couldn't find sequin fabric for Shirahoshis finsimage 

After we finished the marked, we were hungry and went to the mall. We treated ourselvs to an ice cream. As always, I chose strawberry flavor *o* 

By the way: the strawberry icecream fits perfectly to Yukis and my outfit:

We made a Milky Berry twinning :3 The weather was very warm, so I don't wore a blouse and petticoat :x But I think it looks like a cute summerdress through. 
After all, I want to show you my gain of fabrics:
The Bra I bought at Primark for only 5€. I will cover up the bra with the yellow fabric. 
In the next post I would like to show you my progress about the cosplays image

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