Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Mary Magdalene Perfume Bottle

Hey my Dears :3 

Last Week my new Dress by Mary Magdalene has arrived ! It is one of my absolutly dreamdresses ! 
 I ordered the dress on mbok with the celga shopping service
The shopping service did very well. They replied really fast to my emails and sent the item quickly. 
It tooks about 3 weeks after I got a message from customs. It was the first time I ordered with a shopping service and I'm bound to say that it was really easy :3 

So now here are some pics :

 In the next times I want to do more classic-lolita styles. 
Classic Style has so much beautiful colors and high quality fabric and patterns. 

Unfortunatly I haven't any accessoires matching this dress.. So I have to sew some :3 

Here are some examples for the accessoires I want so make:

 If I would mix all these beautiful accessoires together I would get my dreamheadwear :D image

I can't wait to wear it :3 !




  1. Hello there. ♥ I'm Maya, from Brazil (マヤ @ poupée). ♥
    I tried to write something about the dress there, but Google Chrome has gone mad and only allowed me to write a heart, so here I am.
    Mary Magdalene is my favorite brand. I'm waiting for my first lolita pieces to arrive and they're also by Mary Magdalene!
    I just fell in love with this dress. Instantly became one of my dream dresses too. (laughs)
    By the way, you're beautiful! I'll read your other entries and comment. ♥

    1. Oh wow ! Nice to hear :3 Mary Magdalene is a huge inspiration for me :) The patterns and fabrics are sooo beautiful *.* I wish I could sew like them someday.

  2. Das sieht sooooo toll aus!!! *-*
    Ich bin schon auf deine Accessoires gespannt!^^