Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

Cute Witch-Minihat

Hey Cuties :3 

Today I wanne show you how to tinker your own witch-minihat. 

It's very cute to wear it on a halloweenparty. 
 So here is a picture:

What do you need: 
Black fabric (I used felting)
Cardboard from a cornflakes pack or something else
Some accessoires like ribbon, bows, lace etc.

First you have to cut out an circle. Add a triangle at the corner. It should look a bit like Pac-Man ^^
 In the next step add some gluten to the edge. Glue it together.
That is the top of your hat.

Now you will make the rest. 

Cut out an circle again, with another circle in the middle.
Like that:
 Cut the innercicle's edge like that:

Now you can glue the top with the rest together. 
Repeat the two steps with your fabric now and glue it over the board. 

Add the accessoires and some hairslides on the bottom. Done !

Hope you like the little hat ^_^ Try it! It's really simple :3 

(Wow it's very hard to make an english tutorial x.x hope you understood it...)

Love, Loopy


  1. Oh, das sieht echt einfach aus!
    Ich finde es übrigens auch wahnsinnig schwer, Tutorials auf Englisch zu schreiben, falls es dich beruhigt ^^
    Ich hab alles gut verstanden, die Skizzen sind sehr hilfreich :3