Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

Heart Pillow

Do you know sitting in the train for hours and don't have a little pillow to sleep on it while traveling?
 image image image
Today I will show you my solution of this problem ! 

I sewed a little heart pillow ^_^

Isn't it cute? image
Unfortunately my sewing machine was making some trouble while sewing... 
So I had to work by hand... I've used a very structural and solid fabric. 
I like it when the pillow is a little harder, so you have more grip.
I add a bow made out of very soft fabric for more cuteness :)

My plushies were happy, too ^_^

Hope you like my little travel-pillow. On my next journey it will definitely come with me :3

Love, Loopy ♥



  1. uiui das ist ja süüß +__+
    hast du einen guten Tipp für das Rüschen rüschen?
    Ich hasse es -_- dabei liebe ich Rüschen ;__;

    1. Hm.. Also ich lege die Rüschen immer in gleich großen Abständen wärend des nähens. Du kannst sie aber auch vorher mit Stecknadeln fixieren um zu gucken, wie es aussieht ;) Ich glaube ich mach mal ein Tutorial dazu :3