Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

Welcome to my dressy World !

Hello my dears image

I proudly introduce you my lovely new page!


It's about my big hobby sewing
 Here I will share my projects, ideas and tinkers. 

I'm interested in all kinds of unique fashion, so I started to build my own fashion styles. I sew a lot of things you can't buy at european shops. 
Fashion from japan is very inspiring to me for example Hime Gyaru, Fairy Kei and of course Lolita Fashion. 
I love cute fashion with lace and frills, but it should be not look like a costume or childrens clothing.

My biggest dream is, to start my own fashionlabel and have a little shop in 
Düsseldorf, Germany or Vienna :3

In the next days I will edit the design of the page. New header, backround and so on ;)

Yeah, thats it for now..

 I hope you will like my Page and my Fashion Ideas image 

With love, Loopy


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