Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

Tattoo Dress

Hey Guys ! 

Today I drew a new dress. Maybe you know that I really love Tattoos. Yesterday I was very inspired by this pictures: 

I think that Tattoos can be very dressy and elegant, too. It don't must be only sexy or something. 
By the way, that is my Tattoo ^_^

So, I created a Lolita dress with an tattoo print. 

 The roses on the sleeves reminds me a bit of "The Sleeping Beauty" :3 
 All in all it's a rocking and dreamy dress, isn't it? ^_^

I hope I ever will sew this dress.. It will be a bit difficult because of the Prints :/

In the next post I will show you some of my past projects. 

Love, Loopy

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