Samstag, 9. November 2013

Yuno Gasai

Hey everybody!

Today I want to show you a Cosplay that I made for Kessi. She wrote me a message on Facebook and ordered a Yuno Gasai Cosplay. She wanted the black dress version:

Yuno Gasai is a main character in Mirai Niki. She's cute looking, but evil >:) 

First Kessi wanted to buy it on the internet at 
I must say that Milanoo has a very shitty quality and it tooks 100 years until the package arrives...
Moreover the dress looks... :-/ ..just shitty ...

 So I was very happy that she choose me for sewing *o* 
She visited me and I took measurements. After two weeks we had another meeting where she tryed it on :) After a few optimizations it was done ^_^

Now here is my result: (only the first prototype)

Last week we met for a photoshoot ! I made her make up too ^_^

Her friend Eli also ordered Cosplay. It's a a Misa Misa (Death Note) Cosplay!
I bought half of the stuff on the internet and changed some things at the skirt and top. 

Last but not least I want to show you a manga story we made xD 

If you need help with a Cosplay or photoshoot don't be shy to contact me ;3


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