Mittwoch, 13. November 2013

The dark side of cuteness

Hey everyone ! 

Halloween passed but I want to show you some pictures of the Lolita Event we had.
The weather was aweful.. just perfect for creepy halloween photos :D 

Joey did pirate-lolita the first time. I think she looked awesome as usal ! 


Moreover Vincent Hahn (VH-Visions) took some really nice picture of me.
 I wore a dress by lady sloth, which I lent from Yuki :3 Thank you so much! 
My hair accessoires are self-made and you can find a tutorial on it here: 

I love this pose xD I had to do something evil as a real GOTHIC lolita :'D!!

Thanks to Miri, Yuki and May for the great meet up :3 
I you want to join a our Lolita meet ups every information can be found here: 

See you next time ;3



  1. Das letzte Bild ist episch xD Ich finde das Outfit steht dir echt gut :)

  2. Mir gefallen dein Outfit und die Pose auch sehr gut!
    Woher hast du die tolle Strumpfhose?

  3. Ich find das letzte Bild sehr cool !!! Und Gothic passt so schön zu deinen roten Haaren <3