Dienstag, 5. November 2013


Hey my Dears,

Last week I had a little halloween lolita meetup. Actually I wanted to try a Shironuri make up with Gothic Lolita outfit. I borrowed the Clock printed JSK by Lady Sloth from my best friend Yuki <3
Unfortunatly I forgot my white make up in Bonn because next week I will move in my new flat :3 

Don't know what Shironuri is? Shironuri is a type of white make up from japan. It reminds a bit of a geisha. Minori is one of the most famous Shironuri model and designer. She's soo amazing *o*

 Here is a nice report about Minori and her special style: 

I think she is such a inspiring person and when she said: 
"Never give up. Keep doing what you like", I got goosebumps! 

She is so damn right in what she said! I think we should do more things we like and so with our clothes. We should only wear fashion what we like, no matter if it's green or grey, flashy or not. 
 Every human has the right to be what he or she wants to be. 
If every person would stay true to himself, the world would be soo much colorful!

 Back to the topic ^^ I arrived at the meetup without my make up ._. 
The first person that I saw was Joey .. with Shironuri make up !!! xDD She stole my idea !! xD  

I took some awesome photos of her *o*!

Next time I will do a Shironuri make up by myself ! :D 
 So, stay tuned ;3