Freitag, 2. August 2013

Shirahoshi Cosplay - Animagic day 2

Hey my dears,

as I told you, I made a Cosplay of Shirahoshi from the Manga and Anime "One Piece".
The Animagic weekend was really hot and on saturday it even was 33°C !! image

So it was a reeeeally good decision to cosplay the cute mermaid. She only wears a binkini, her fins and some earrings. Because of her light pink hair I had to wear a wig, too. I was suprised not to die under this long wig ^^ I also wear contact lenses in blue ^_^ Shirahoshi has sooo wonderful blue eyes. We took amazing pictures in the river called "Rhein". Shirahoshi cries in every situation image She's a bit shy and afraid of everything ^^ So I also cryed the whole day.. no, just kidding image Hihi

It was soo refreshing to put my legs..oh.. I mean fins :D into the cool water. 
The only thing that was a bit difficult, was to walk in the skinny skirt. 
When I sewed the fin, I noticed that I can't walk in it... so I cut it in the middle and added Velcro tape on the borders. If someone wanted to take a photo I put the fin's lower part with the skirt together.

My boyfriend Thiemo was my cosplaypartner ^_^ He also cosplayed a character from One Piece. It was Luffy, the main character ! He looked soo cute in it :3 

His cosplay I also made by myself. For the shirt I used the patterns out of the Otome no sewing book for Lolita clothes. Actually the patterns were for a blouse ^^
It was a really nice day and I felt like a real mermaid princess 



  1. Du sahst so toooooll aus <3
    (und lake = see, river = fluss ;3)
    Ich freue mich schon auf das Gruppen Cos *w*

    1. Haha xD ist doch alles das selbe >u< Ich sollte doch wieder auf deutsch schreiben :'D Ich freu mich auch schon voll :3 Ich wollte eh schon immer auf die connichi <3

  2. Ahhh! Ihr seid sooo NIEDLICH!!! :D <3

  3. Ihr seid ja süß *^*
    Die Cosplays sind dir gut gelungen!
    Sieht wirklich toll aus :)

  4. Einfach eine klasse Location für das Cosplay.


  5. Oh, das Cosplay sieht so toll aus und steht dir richtig gut! *_*
    Auch so tolle und niedliche Fotos - richtig klasse!

    Viele Grüße