Donnerstag, 1. August 2013

Animagic Outfit - Friday

Hey guys !

Last Weekend I visited one of the biggest Anime Conventions in Germany:
The Animagic 2013

For that reason I needed three lovely Outfits. 
I decided to wear two Lolita outfits and one Cosplay. The whole weekend it was really hot, so it was a good decision, to cosplay the One Piece character Shirahoshi. She's a Mermaid and lightly dressed.

Today I want to show you my Lolita outfit of the first day at Animagic.
I wanted to wear my Dreamy Dollhouse jsk by Angelic Pretty like last year, but there was a lot of missing things, like matching jewelry and accressoires.. 
So I produced a necklace and two rings that matches the dresses print. 

(It was really hard to draw that pony xD)

I also bought some new hair accessoires from chocomint and Angelic Pretty:

Photo by: F22nl
All in all I'm really happy about the outfit and the development compared to the last year image 

The wig wasn't the best.. blonde is not my color. My Petticoat wasn't fluffy and too long. And the socks were horrible xD So this year I did better^^ The only thing that annoys me is my parasol..

Lastly I have a special photo for you that scares me a bit :D!

Well, I look forward to next year ^_^ (hopefully with a Baby, The Stars Shine Bright parasol^^)  



  1. Very nice pictures (*^^*) I think you're right, red hair looks better on you than blonde, but blonde also suits you! You look very pretty ♡

    1. Thank you so much :3 ! Last year I thought that my red hair clashes the pink dress..

  2. Nice Outfit.

    A lot of pictures from the AnimagiC you can see in my blog:


    1. Thank you for the information ^_^ All of your photos are really nice !