Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

Very Berry

Hey Cuties <3

As I told you, I was in Ultrecht at the Lolita Teaparty and made a twin-outfit with my friend Yuki <3
In this case I want to show you the awesome Accessoires we made together :3 
All of the jewelry we made, includes a lot of strawberries and roses.

Kawaii graphics

First of all we made a wonderful headdress. The materials we bought at a little town, near Yukis place. We found many roses, pearls, strawberries and some other stuff. Without any concrete imagination we glued all the stuff together and yeah, here is our result :D :

 It looks soo good on her :3 

As always I had a problem to find matching earings..  'cause I can't wear earrings. I decided to make another pair of plugs with small strawberry pendants. 

Next I want to show you two rings. The first one is made out of Fimo. 
The ring is very small, so it tooks a time to make it look like a bow x_x .

For the second one I uses a childrens hairclip that I spoted in a shop for kids. I removed the clip and glued the cupcake on a bow.

Moreover I craft a necklace for me and Yuki. It is also made with my beloved Fimo :D!

After all the jewelry I want to tell about our funny sewing-action xD
We wanted to sew a blouse or cutsew in red. Yuki wanted red fabric with white dots... but I thought it would look to overfilled. Than I spoted the gorgeous chiffon ! Luckily I convinced Yuki and we bought it... But I didn't know what absolutly annoying fabric it was >__< 
I had to buy a special needle for that crap :D Well, it was worth the effort :)

 It was the first time that I sewed a blouse.. it isn't perfect but I like it though :)

Since we could get enough, we lastly sewed a matching bag. And we used Yukis selected dot-fabric :D

Finally I want to show you a picture of our complete outfits:

Hope you like it image 



  1. Das hat so viel Spaß gemacht ^o^

  2. Die ganzen Details und dann eure Outfits! *_*
    Ein Traum - ihr seht beide so wundervoll aus!

  3. sehr schöne Fotos :)
    du wurdest getaggt ;)