Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2014

Three Dresses

Hey there! 

I know I don't wrote many things the last few month.. I'm sorry for this.
I had a lot to work and posted most of the stuff on facebook.

But now I want to post it on my blog, too.
I will show you many different Items that I sew the last time :)
Have fun! ♥

 I will begin with my Alice Dress that I made in september. 
It should be a classical alice dress but in a very elegant way.


 The next I want to show you is inspired by the dress of the heroine from an anime called "Amnesia"

The last is a dress that was ordered by a customer who gave me a design for it.
She told my, that it is so comfty, she could sleep in it ! :D ♥

For the next time I have something special about christmas ♥



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