Samstag, 20. September 2014

New Logo !

Hey guys ♥

In the last few month I noticed, that my corporate design don't fit so well anymore.. So I builded the idea to change something and make something that looks more modern. In the past times my design was brown with light pink and more classic lolita with a touch of vintage. 
In germany many Lolita wearing girls are into classic. So I decided to adapt with that style. 

Here is my old design to compare it with the new one:

 At the moment I sew more casual stuff like the Sailor Moon Shorts or circle skirts. The Lolitadresses I sewed were more bittersweet Lolita than classic. 
And yeah.. For the new design I choose the colour lilac. 
The typo will be the same ^_^
 My boyfriend and I are both into media design technicals, so we came together and developed a new logo for me. It became awsome!!  
It has a modern style but is still with that chic vintage touch.
I love it !

Hope you like it, too ^_^


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