Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

Creepy Cute

Hey Cuties ♥


Halloween is near and to get a perfect outfit for a helloweenparty or something you really need those super cute eyebows ! I'll show you a very simple tutorial how to make them out of polymer clay.

What you need: 

Fimo (polymer clay), rhinestones (about 1 cm ∅), a very thin brush and acryl color in red & white.

 First step: Form a ball in the size your eyeball should be.

Than squeez it a bit down to get a better base. 

After that take your rhinestone and press it on the eyeball.
We only want to get a mark where we gonna place it after hardening.

Take a needle or something to make creases into the eyeball like veins.

Almost done! Bake it for 20 minutes with 110°C/230°F.

After that you can do the last part. Color it! 

To remove dusk and fingerprints color it white. 
Moreover color the vains red. Optional you can varnish it with clear coat or clear nail polish.

Finally apply the rhinestone with glue. Done! 

Now you can glue it on everything you want. Your jacket, a belt or
a bow, like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu did ;D



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