Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

Springtime !

Hey Cuties
Spring is coming, so I prepared some easter an floral decor.
I love spring and flowers so much! My room is decorated with many different shabby chic items, therefor I decided to created a shabby chic easter table decor.
My inspiration I found on where else? :D

Here you can check out some pictures that I found:

Some of the my items I bought at Nanunana and DecoLife in Cologne. 
I bought eggs, birds and a cute rabbit.
To the rabbit I added some accessories: Eyes, bow and a bell.

At weekend I had some time to craft this cute egg box.
Here you can see a short tutorial :) ->

Here is the picture that I've made in Photoshop:
Download it and put it in your Kawaii Eggbox ;D
Give it a try image


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