Montag, 25. März 2013

Adorable Apron

Hey Ladies !

Finally I've easter holidays and some more time to sew. 
  The first item I want to show you, is a very cute apron, that I made for my two friends, Miri and Evangeline. The pattern, which I used, I found in the Gothic Lolita Bible #36. It is a pattern from a Angelic Pretty series and I really love it !

Here is a picture:

Miri and Evangline bought the Materials for sewing. They made a really adorable twin-outfit with the Little Bears Café dress by Angelic Pretty. For that reason, they want to get the same apron ^_^
Here's a pic of the two girls:

 And finally here is my result: image

 In a few weeks I want to make a photoshoot with Miri and Evangeline :)
So you can look forward to the "worn-pic" ^_^ 

See you soon !



  1. Aww wie süß :3
    Wo hast du denn die tolle Spitze her? D:

    1. Ebay ;D